Sleepy Tom - Jobless

Music flies in and out of this skull’s ears and it really takes something to make it stick. ST did a number on Jobless.  

Heck, Tom came up with his own EDM category. Jersey Clubtro. Simply put, it’s Jersey Club and Electro House. A hybrid of blended synths and trap instrumentals this perpetual rester woke up for a second to release a home run. The dance floor will never be the same after you release this heater on ‘em. Fool’s Gold endorsed, the Jobless EP contains this dance ditty and “Karoke.”

Ying Yang Twins - Whistle While You Twerk (Swizzymack Remix)

Philly buhl FTW!

Swizzymack’s been quiet these days, I don’t know, maybe he’s been couped up in the lab about to churn out some fire. His take on Jersey club is hyphy and nonstop from the second you hit that play button.

This ‘00 classic is something to be admired. It doesn’t have that in-your-face Swizzy that we endear but he does take it up a notch with that damn catchy signature whistle throughout. Perhaps a little foreshadowing is going on, as all artists like to explore different outputs. Whatever his direction may be, it would be dope to hear more from this Diplo approved prodigy.

Thomas Jack Presents: Tropical House Vol. 2 

The “Land Down Under” is soon going to be the “Land On Top”. Australian producers are poised to take the EDM scene by storm. The music is bouncy, energetic and evokes memories of summer. Hermitude (remember Flume did a remix of their tune “Hyperparadise?) and Just A Gent are a weenie sample of artists that have racked up the hits in a short amount of time, flexing their musical prowess. It must be something in the air; Australia just seems to breed producers.

Maestro Thomas Jack released his second installment of “Tropical House.” We get all of Ciara’s goodies on this one, featuring unreleased edits and signature vocal bits of Nate Dogg and Sam Smith. We need to all agree, this 20-year-old is sippin the Kool-Aid. Jack’s tape clocks in over an hour so press play and let the good times roll.

Keys N Krates - Diplo & Friends Mix

Keys N Krates hit and quit it real quick. Everything a mix needs to have, Keys N Krates jammed in just under a hour. Fresh cut tracks? Check. Signature, one of a kind flips? Check. Get down beats? Check. The boys put on their focus hats and never lost sight of their mission. And that’s to deliver something unique, putting their lemonade twist on EDM. Live, they are something else, featuring on the spot mixing. No “push play” with these fellers. It’s like when DJ Snake played Whitney Houston at the end of his Ultra set. We are all like, “WTF, mate?” But now I’m getting off topic. A plethora of Diplo’s friends have hit the decks from the likes of Avicci to Kogi but Keys N Krates gives them a run for their molah.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” We’ll Keys N Krates are that exception. Because they ate the whole darn thing.

Grand Analog Striking With Thunder


Is there a word bigger than grand?

Slum Village - Fall In Love (Moody Good Remix)

OWSLA is just scooping up the talent. Now, it’s a distorted remix from Moody Good entitled “Fall In Love.” With the album perpetually postponed, he released this goodie to hold us over.

The production features synths that never leave and chilly dubby influences that are ever-so-present. It feels like a chilling winter poem, complete with Edgar Allen Poe as the curator. Don’t expect a raven to fly out, but do expect a chill down your spine.

Peep the album in June.

Mat Zo - Oldskool Trip

Mat Zo, you may remember him from his Porter Robinson collab, Easy, has decided he’s going to release free tuneage for ya’all. That’s right – free 99. He’s been previously tied with Astralwerks / Anjunabeats, having put out Damage Control last year. Zo is now forging his own path, stating no animosity towards labels, or “the powers that be.”

Whelp, with “Oldskool Trip” it’s time to get your funk on. Zo exudes creativity on “Trip,” taking us on a nostalgic ride with funky bass and 70’s style disco groves. His first free tune is in the books and he’s just getting started. All this British composer asks is to just download and support him. I think we can hop on board with that idea.

Sage, The Gemini - Gas Pedal (VESTIGE Remix)

Vestige just put it on ‘em. Relatively unknown, the dude has been putting out tunes for a little bit now. “Gas Pedal” has been remixed, bootlegged, and every other concoction under the sun. Vestige gives the joint a basic two drum beat throughout, minimal work for a huge payout.

Preach, Vestige. 

Why, hello high hats and 808’s. The masked man hit the decks with reckless abandon on Diplo & Friends this past weekend. It features a couple of his new heaters and some cuts off his “Trap Shit” series. RL Grime, BeazyTymes, and Yellow Claw are also featured on this turn up mix. Salivate at the track list and peep your eyes for a DL link, hopefully it will come around soon. 

Alex Wiley is a fucking problem. 

On a bubbling, chaotic orchestral instrumental, Wiley spits. A Chicago welterweight, it looks like this MC is going to be a heavyweight in due time.

"Vibration" is the second single of his sophomore project, "Village Party."

Cop this good vibe fo free.