Moguai: How You Doin’?


No song was off limits at Webster Hall this past Saturday. From “Seven Nation Army” to “99 Luftballoons” Moguai played all the hits. We spoke with him about differences in the industry and that track everybody is currently grooving to, “Gangsta.” 

1. Congrats on “Gangsta”, your favorite movie must be Goodfellas, correct?

Not really, but the sample is one of my favorites. I heard it on one of my first records I bought in the early 90’s when I started DJing with vinyl. I always had the sample in my mind but never the right production. It was a question of time when to use the sample.

It took me fifteen years to find the right record. I had this baseline and I put the sample on and thought, ‘Wow, this is cool.’ I sent it to Benny (Benassi) and said, ‘Hey Benny this would be a nice collab for the both of us.’ He puts the break in and it was done.

2. What was the creative process like on “Body Talk” with Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike?

Fist we tried something on Mau5trap but it didn’t work. It took a while, we sent over some ideas and thought, ‘This could be big.’ We gave advice back and forth and finished the track. First, nobody wanted to sign it. It was so strange. It was like, ‘C’mon, did we do something wrong?’ And it was finally released on Spinnin’.

3. EDM now vs. 1994. What is the biggest change?

Digital. 0 and 1. A game changer. I was a well-known artist in Germany. Not really big and the internet for me was very good. Push a button and it was out worldwide. People said, ‘Okay, wow, who is this guy?’ 

4. Is your dentist still touring with you?

He is not on tour but he actually wrote me saying, ‘So sad I can’t be on tour.’  He likes to party, he never talks about his business when he is on tour with me.

5. Back in 2012, your favorite plugin was the strobe synth. What is your favorite now?

For me, the newest update is not always the best. If something’s good, why change it?

6. Favorite airport?

Istanbul. Best lounge ever.

A Word Bigger Than Grand


Is there a word bigger than grand? Please help me find one to describe this collective. Grand Analog is five north of the border gent’s doin’ the damn thing. The tracks are unique, with hip-hop and R&B influences, no cookie cutter approach here. “Lion’s Head” is a dive into a steady buildup on high hats and a barrage of horns with the front man Odario Williams telling us “It’s been a long, long time.” Yes, 4 years to be exact. Williams crafts lyrics fit for a poetry slam yearning to take home all the snaps. “4AM In Parkdale” gets a jolt with the electric guitar, constantly picking up different instrumentals as we journey through the track.

The album shows off the bands musical prowess, having this time compiled the music before the lyrics. The band mates like to flaunt, the instrumentals seem to form their own expressions with each song telling its own poem. Modern Thunder isn’t a collection of bangers but something funky, and fun, and fresh. And with all the “push play” hysteria we have on the interwebs, it’s refreshing to hear something to groove to.

Scoop up Modern Thunder ri-now.

Kodacrome Shines

Rewind to a period where EDM wasn’t into layering tracks ad nauseam and you find Elissa and Ryan who make up Kodacrome, a two piece outfit from Brooklyn.

While listening, maybe it’s the vocals or the subtle synths that are the hook, line, and sinker. The beats only add to the vocals, never dismissing them. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is something to r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

And heck, cause Kodacrome knows what you’re fond of, they gave us two free tracks to DL. Aussie Luke Neher goes deep on “Strike The Gold” and Emmy-nominated Kodomo gives “Buggy Bumper” just that, a buggy bump a-bump.


NERVO is two ladies that know their way around the decks. Soon, we will get an inside look of what this duo plays on stage, in the car, on the jet, during manicures, we’ll, you get the idea.

This two disk CD hold symbolic meaning. “Present & Future Inspirations” is just that, revealing the curtain of their tracks of repeat. And because they are just too kind, they toss an exclusive track on to the mix entitled “Sunshine Through Rain Clouds” featuring the vocals of Duane Harden. It’s reminiscent of “Ping Pong” with a big room vibe. “Past Inspirations” features a litany of classics ranging from “Praise You” and “Your Love” by Frankie Knuckles. These mixes don’t lack in quality, so hit play, NERVO’s got your back.


Bounce To This One


Full stream ahead, Cap’n!

Bounce Boat is back and ready to sail the open seas once again. On our first voyage we saw the #Selfie Kings claim the decks. This time around, Bounce Boat is veering off into the land of wobbles. Rusko, the man that brought you the sweet sounds of “Hold On” is manning the booth.  Before Rusko, Infuze and Subset will be spinning up something wicked. Both are big in their own right. Infuze has released tunage on Ultra, SMOG, and Mad Decent. Subset is resident DJ of Brooklyn Spa Party and is known for Webster Hall’s BASSment Saturday party.    

King of all things ratchet, Kirill of Kirill Was Here will be pouring the bubbley looking to capture some of his signature “Champaign Facials.” Seriously, take a peak at this guys photo gallery, he turns things up a notch.  

The Hornblower Infinity sets sail at 8:00PM from Pier 40, swings by the Statue of Liberty and docks at midnight. The Infinity is ready for you at 6:00PM so arrive early, it’s gonna be a turnt up night on the Hudson.      

Looking to save some pesos? Heck, Bounce Boat has got your back. Use the promo code “yachtlife” on the tickets packages below to save a ten spot.

Chocolate Puma - How You Doin’?


Chocolate Puma likes their chocolate, dark chocolate to be exact. They may have gotten a tad healthier but they have not slowed down. Racking up countless airport miles – “I don’t know, too many to count,” as Gaston tries to fathom, Chocolate Puma are tirelessly running around the globe.

Their new track “Rubberband Lazer” is a subwoofers dream, with “absolutely no thinking” behind it. The track only took a couple of hours to produce; they tweaked the synth and bassline and found the perfect sound. It’s not that easy sometimes though; they both have “What the F!” days and where studio time exceeds 8 hours.


Guest collaborations are nothing but a thang nowadays and Chocolate Puma have worked with quite a few. One in particular stands out. Diplo, the trendsetter for all things cool vibed with these gents, making an unreleased beat. The beat has not yet to be agreed upon, but we will keep our ears to the pavement. 

“I can’t imagine ghost producers.” Everything is original, live, we play off each other.” Live and original, that’s the name of the game. With the “push play’ controversy it’s encouraging to hear Gaston and René are still flying fearlessly.


With a hate/love with TSA Agents, Chocolate Puma is ready to tour again this summer looking to show Gen Y & Z what proper house music is all about.

Riggi & Piros - How You Doin’?


Riggi & Piros are two young stunnas looking to make a name. We caught up quickly with these Jer-say boys (an interview for the most ADD fan) after they hit the main stage with Borgore and to see if they could give us a peek at what’s next for them. 

As Buzz Lightyear said, “To Infinity and Beyond.” Just maybe, Mr. Lightyear was talking about these guys.

Favorite place to eat?

Chipotle and Steaks Unlimited at Seaside Heights, Jersey Shore 

What track is the getting the remix treatment next?

“Let’s Get Fucked Up” by MakJ

Who are you working with?

W&W, Junkie Kid, Carnage, Ookay

Who should we be listening to?

Zaxx and Jayden Parx

How did you two meet?

Friends since first grade

Their new track, “Elephant” is on Soundcloud featuring a crafty concocted drop.

Oliver Heldens x Becky Hill - Gecko (Overdrive)


Extraterrestrial-love-making will never be the same.

Heldens and Hill narrate the story into a couples casa as they look to tap into their wildest emotions. The Dad, he’s ready to pounce. The Mom, same story. It gets hella weird at the end though. Deep sea body parts everywhere complete with fluids flying. 

The kinders, we’ll lets just say monkey see, monkey do. 

Stay nauseous, my friends.

ShayGray - How You Doin’?

We had a little back and forth with Borgore protégé ShayGray. In case you don’t know, he’s the newest signee to Dim Mak Records, calls Israel home, and knows how to rock the microphone. Look for the kid to make waves and peep his debut EP, Hipster Hype on iTunes June 3.

Is Maor Levi your homeboy?

He hit me up online not so long ago. Cool kid. 

Did you keep Passover? It’s okay, we know you didn’t. 

Been horrible this year..Only holiday I kept kosher was 4:20. 

Do bitches really love ice cream?

Who doesnt like ice cream? Maybe commi bitches dont like it :( 

The “Illuminati” music video is wack AF. What’s next?

Keep it offensive and as mildly artistic as possible. 

Is Riff Raff someone you look up to?

More as a spirtual leader than a musician. a lot of times I’d jesus riff raff b like yo “so what would riff raff do” - than go the opposite.

Who do you want to work with?

Nicki Minaj. I like her wigs. 

You are a double threat with producing and rapping. How do you see your sound evolving?

I don’t produce just rap. Umm I see it going everywhere. Been working on stuff from 175 bpm, 110 bpm, 90, 130, 80, 140  try to keep it different n versatile with every tune.

What are you turning down to right now?

Turn down for what dude?

The A$AP Mob asked you to join their collective. What is your name? 

"Asap sorry" haha im always late to everything.

Adventure Club - How You Doin’?

Adventure Club is like EDM’s Marvin Gayne. Soulful and sinful. “Crave You” and “Youth” are two vibes that are going to be locked in the time vault for future generations. These dubby tunes are proper remixes, youngins, take notes.

With the brouhaha that is EDC, we chatted with the boys for a second about favorites.

1) Favorite superhero?

Leighton – Thor / Christian – Ironman

2) DC or Marvel?

Leighton – Marvel / Christian – Mortal Combat

3) Who should we be listening to?

Blood Orange

4) Favorite Canadian group?

Leighton – Zeds Dead / Christian – Bryan Adams